Perspective is a podcast for wedding creatives, hosted by UK based wedding filmmakers Simon & Gregg. Together, as Cinemate they sit down, often with a special guest and talk about their many years of experience in the wedding industry. Each episode is an open and honest conversation aimed to educate those new to the industry or to those in the front line running a wedding business.

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    017 : Fusion Video with Harper Scott Photo

    Today Cinemate are talking to Carole-Ann Scott of Harper Scott Photo about everything Fusion. We discuss how you can implement fusion into your workflow and what things photographers struggle with in video.

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    016 : Getting featured on a blog with We Fell In Love

    Today Cinemate are talking to Jay and Christina Golian of Elemental Photography about their experiences running We Fell In Love a wedding blog featuring modern and unique Scottish weddings. We also talk about the benefits of being featured on a blog and how you should consider your work in order to enhance your chances of being featured.

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    015 : Filming a destination wedding - Austin trip

    Today Simon and Gregg from Cinemate are on their own, talking about their recent destination wedding in Austin. How they packed and different approaches to getting to know the couple.

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    013 : The Pros and Cons of Being a Wedding Band With Franco

    Cinemate have Franco, a three-piece pop rock wedding band, in the studio to talk about being in a wedding band as well as having an originals band (Make Sparks). We talk about the hopes and dreams for both bands and the benefits of being in a wedding band.

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    Minicast : 03 Why you need a website with Walnut Wasp

    Welcome to Perspective || a podcast for wedding suppliers. In this minicast episode, David discusses why if you want to be considered a high-end supplier you need a website to be your hub online.

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